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February 24, 2013
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- AwesomeOtaku_ [AO] began pestering (pesterchumhandle) [p/c] at 14:00 -

AO: I. Hate. Trolls.

PC: Dont you think that youre taking this a bit too far?

AO: They should all die in the fiery pits of hell. Got it memorized?

PC: Over

PC: Reacting.

AO: I especially hate Karkat. He acts like he's the boss of me in this stupid game.

PC: Well did you get any info on what happened to us?

AO: We are some state called ' god tier'.

PC: wow

AO: Yep.

PC: What are you?

AO: Seer of Space and you're ( TITLE )

PC: wow just wow...... How long do we have to wait before we meet the trolls?

AO: 3 years. FAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR too long for me. I want to shove their faces into the dirt.

PC: Anger issues.

AO: I knwo.

PC: ........

AO: DAMMIT *know

AO: I'll leave the nice trolls alone like Nep and Kanaya. Karkit will die.

PC: Okay.............

AO: Welp. That's all I gotta say. HASTA LA PASTA! And don't die!

PC: Bye.... AND I'LL TRY.

- AwesomeOtaku_ [AO] ceased peserting (NAME) [P/C] at 14:07 -

This game made no sense to you. You just wanted to go home and watch some anime. Anime always made you feel better. At least you weren't alone in this game. Well in this server of the game. Turns out that there's even more players. They're all playing different games though. Only two of the servers survived. Your's and Cailyn's and some kids named: John, Rose, Jade, and Dave.

You sat down on a rock and sighed. THREE YEARS. That's a long time. Your iPod began to vibrate again. Who wants to talk to you now? You looked at you iPod and sighed. It was one of the trolls. His name was................ Gamzee! Yeah.

- terminallyCapricious [TC] began trolling (Pesterchumname) [PC] at 14:20 -

TC: HeLlO?

TC: yOu ThErE?

TC: :0(

PC: What do you want........

You never quite understood this clown at all. He was weird.

TC: i HeArD tHaT yOu ReAcHeD gOd TiEr. CoNgRaTs. HoNk. :0)

PC: I don't understand your species at all......

TC: Oh!

PC: What?

TC: I aLmOsT fOrGoT. yOuR sIs IsN't AnSwErInG mY bEsT fRiEnD.

PC: Cailyn and Karki- Karkat.

TC: kArKiT?

PC: Cailyn's nickname for Karkat.

TC: hOnK.

PC: Okay.........

TC: sEe YoU iN tHrEe YeArS mOtHeRfUcKeR.

TC: :0)

- terminallyCapricious [TC] ceased trolling (PESTERCHUMTHING)[PC] at 14:35 -

PC: Bye?

You turned you iPod off. Well that was weird........ You sighed and was just about to pester Cailyn when she beat you too it.

- AwesomeOtaku_ [AO] began to pester (lazy) [PC] at 14:36 -

AO: No

- AwesomeOtaku_ [AO] ceased peserting (uvccvsdjcvdiv) [PC] at 14:36 -

Well.......... You guess you have time to kill.


" _______________________!!!!!!!!!!!!!" You were glomped by a ball of black. WHO IS THIS PERSON!? " I FINALLY FOUND YOU! " " Ughhhhhhh..... " The mystery person got up and helped you get up too. " It's me AwesomeOtaku_! Ya know! Cailyn Jones! " Your eyes widened as you saw your internet friend. One thing's for sure. She's REALLY pale. Her eyes were brown and her hair was dark brown. It was about shoulder length and she had no bangs. " How do you know that I'm ______? " " I went with my gut's instincts. I had a feeling that it was you! " You stared at her in shock. She was really random. " So now that we met and stuff...... What now? " " We wait for about one more year. I can't wait to meet this Karkit dude. He's in for a world of pain. Douche bag......." You thought about your troll, Gamzee. What would he look like?

" I can't wait to meet Gamzee. I always wondered what he looked like. "


You are now living on a meteor for a few more years. You met everyone though. You met the other server players and you met the trolls, who were slowly teaching you about troll history. The number one thing that you didn't understand was quadrents. They were as confusing as fuck. You didn't understand how Cailyn understood almost everything that she was told. Then again...... She watches A LOT of anime. Stuff as weird as this should be normal for her......

" Sup sis. "

You turned around to face Gamzee. It was a bit akward at first when you met him face to face. It's somewhat okay now. " Sup Gam. " He had a bottle of Faygo in his right hand and took another swig from it. " Motherfucking miracles. " You never really quite understood Gamzee. He was weird. Everyone calls him stoned. Cailyn was freaked out by him at frist. She never liked clowns. You were also a little shocked too. " So Gam...... How's life?" He smiled at you. He might've looked weird, but he could also look adorable. " Perfect. How about you?" You sweat dropped. " I just walked out of the room when Karkat and Cailyn started fighting again.......... " This was like the 100th time this month. Everyone was already used to it by now.

" You wanna slam a Faygo? "

" Sure, sounds fun. "

You had a Faygo before. It wasn't that bad. You liked grape the best. ( Hurrhurr )


You laughed at another of Gamzee's jokes. He was really funny. " Shit ______. You're just as cool as Tavbro. Honk! " " Thanks Gam! " He chuckled and chucked another Faygo bottle at the garbage can making it in. " Hey..... You know what moirails are right? " " Ughhhhhh..... pale diamond right? " " Yep. You humans call it best friends and stuff right? " " Yep! Wait..... Do you want me to be your Moirail? " " Fuck yeah! Your bitch tits wicked! Just filled with miracles! " You laughed and nodded. How could you say no? Gamzee is just too funny. " Sure! "

Gamzee smiled when you agreed. If he knew anything, it was that if you want a matesprit, take it one step at a time. Pale red before dark red. He has had his eye on you for a while. He went through your entire timeline too. He just found you so interesting that he HAD to meet you. Hopefully everything will turn out smoothly. Right?

btw: Cailyn Jones is my OC thank you and yeah :P She likes to fight a lot.
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Kanaya--Maryam 4 days ago  New member  General Artist
Thank You For Allowing Me To Survive
Ao: i hate trolls, they should die in a fire

me:*RAGE, RAGE, RAGE* hope you don't sleep tonight
*evil smirks*

i am so mad and hart broken
Hetalia-animegirl Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Please stop.


And just stop.



Your grammar and spelling is going to keep me up at night.

Lover-of-Music Oct 8, 2013  Student General Artist
I just finished playing kingdom hearts 2 when I read this lol

Guess who'll now be making kingdomstuck because of that reference in this?  
Hetalia-animegirl Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I'm guessing President Lincoln.

No, Tooth Fairy!?


Wait no......

MY DOG!?!?!?!?

Lover-of-Music Oct 9, 2013  Student General Artist
How'd you know your dog would?
I thought they promised it was gonna be a secret
Hetalia-animegirl Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist


*puts on shades*

I've read his blog, I mean seriously.

Lover-of-Music Oct 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Dog with a Blog /shot
Hetalia-animegirl Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, he's famous and stuff. The first dog with a blog. Disney like toots stole dat from meh. (PSH)
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